From Analyst to Engineer in just
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Our self-paced program will take anyone who is comfortable writing analytical SQL, to a full-fledged analytics engineer.

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Learn at your own pace with peers

You’re not alone! Watch lectures and complete the exercises at your own pace, but hang out in our Slack group to ask questions of your fellow classmates and teachers. We also encourage partnering with others and asking for code reviews — just like you would at your company.

Use best-in-class

You get access to your own personal “sandbox”, built on the latest tools that are used by engineers. You’ll be navigating the command line and resolving git conflicts like a pro.

Solve business problems

No iris or titanic datasets here. We provide datasets simulating a digital business, which gives you a chance to practice your hand at common modeling problems. Been tasked with user stitching? Sessionization? LTV curves? We’ve got you covered.

Taught by experts

Search for the term “analytics engineer”, and it won’t take you long to find content written by our founding team, Michael Kaminsky and Claire Carroll. Between the two of us we’ve:

  • Been members of data team
  • Run data teams
  • Built leading data communities
  • Mentored dozens of analytics engineers
  • Trained hundreds of analytics engineers
  • Written technical content used by thousands of people every month

So it’s safe to say — we know what we’re talking about.

Meet the instructors

Claire Carroll

As the sole analyst at a fast-growing startup, Claire experienced the pain of the traditional analyst workflow — an ever-growing backlog of requests, and numbers that never quite matched up. So she taught herself dbt, the command line, version control and brought all the rigor of analytics engineering to her team.

After realizing the impact that an analytics engineering mindset could have on an analyst’s career, Claire took on a role growing the dbt community, bringing analytics engineering to thousands of data analysts and engineers.

Michael Kaminsky

Michael has worked as an economist, statistician, analyst, data scientist, but analytics engineering will always hold a special place in his heart. Michael built one of the world’s first analytics engineering teams while leading the data team at online-razor-startup-turned-CPG-goliath Harry’s and has written extensively about the practice as a founding leader of the Locally Optimistic blog and community.

Michael is passionate about teaching analytics concepts (see his Databases Demystified course on Youtube) and is currently co-founder and principal analytics engineer at his startup, Recast.

It was the best thing I did for my self this year. As a manager, it changed my perspective on what I’m looking for in an analytics engineer.

Elena DyachkovaSr Manager, Data Science @ Spring Health

The most insightful thing I learned was how to think like a software engineer. The experience that Michael and Claire brought really set the course apart because it didn’t feel like just a regurgitated textbook. It was very much driven by the personal experiences of the instructors.

Edbert OeyConsultant @ Analytics8

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